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Topaz Star Effects 1.1

     Category: Graphics & Multimedia

Description of
Topaz Star Effects
Topaz Star EffectOaos creates unique star and lighting effects by manipulating and enhancing the appearance of various light sources found within your image. With a variety of fully-customizable effect options for modifying light sources, you can easily add a creative or dramatic flare to lights or reflective surfaces to focus more attention on those point. This fun and easy-to-use plug-in simulates traditional photographic star lens filters (also known as cross-screen filters), giving you the ability to digitally create dazzling starbursts, light enhancements and much more. Topaz Star EffectsOao Highlights Includes a variety of star effect presets for a quick and creative 1-click workflow Star type selection - choose from options like traditional, starburst, cross star, hollywood star and more Mode selection which allows for star effect extraction from your base image Automatic light source detection Selective brush for quick and easy inclusion and exclusion of light sources Ability to stack a variety of star effects via the "Apply" button Fully customizable - with added adjustment controls for color, temperature, secondary spikes, glow and ring flare No loss of contrast - like with traditional glass filters
Topaz Star Effects
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Author: Topaz Labs, LLC.
License: Shareware
Price: $29.99
File Size: 31.2 MB
Downloads: 8

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